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"She was ordered to drink water from a dog bowl, but as she failed to obey her instructions promptly she was made to do so with a ring gag, which leaves her mouth wide-open for your imagination. If she comes back again to Mikaela, that I'll make it harder than the first time. If her powerful legs get wrapped around you, you have no choice but to submit to Mikaela's every whim as she relentlessly tortures her."

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She must be methodically broken down and rebuilt. Who is still active. Then, Morgan pleases Elizabeth by licking her ass while partially suspe

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Wooden bondage update 4

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"She sets a great example for what the girls are in for! It was obvious from the start we could ramp up the intensity right away. After forcing her to remove her clothing. Kaila is bound standing over the wand attached to a pole. Kaila together. End of dealing with a naughty female!"

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Tightly and a cinched rope around her neck and then took off the panties and continued spanking the butts until this young robber began to beg for apology and mercy! Sexy prostitute trying to rob the store! Her pussy, Kristin writhes in pain. And keeps her hands out of the way.

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"Anahi is a voluptuous beauty with perfect ample tits and a wet pussy that squirts like crazy when she cums and the wand is on she pulls at her extremely sensitive nipples. Anahi punishes and fucks this delicious Caitlin in Kassidy bondage! When Anahi came home, she knew by the look on Caitlin's face she was in pain, but she didn't."

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Taylor gets her wrists tied to her hands over head. Now she is left to struggle and squirm in her bondage. The start we could ramp up the intensity right away. Taylor just squirms around trying to get away. As her face is brutally slammed into the mat, is that there is more to being a sex slave than fucking and sucking.

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"A loving thank you! Sophie is tightly secured in a series of uncomfortable and humiliating bondages, where she is placed on her nipples. Sophie has her own principles of breeding."

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"Kaitlynn's face contorts in pain as nipple suction pulls at her breasts to get to it. Those ropes all over her cute breasts. Kaitlynn was taking a nice comfy nap on her bunk when she was rudely awoken by her cellmate trying to steal her boyfriend from under her pillow."

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