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"After making her gag a bit with the dildo, she seems to be itching to have her hands fixed and lie down, helplessly waiting for her master to come and submit for a day of electrical play! Her foot and the gag feels like it's cutting into her cunt."

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"Which is kind of hot, she says as she rides in the infamous black van with PD. A metal collar and a simple hook on a post keep her up on her toes. The joints ache. Maybe thats what Nikki thinks just a cane."

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"The pain she feels from her throbbing tits. Lisa was arrested for taking a ride in a stolen car. We refer to her as Lisa Nine for the entire week. She is up on tip toe from the first minute of the six hour show with no relief or pleasure."

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"dick is craving to get laid. Sydnee Capri takes him back to her place, but he has no idea what's in store for him. he says he's OK with some mild kinky playing, so he's tied to a chair and immobilized. Sydnee quickly shows him who's in charge, and that it's not going to be the mild SM play he had in mind."

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