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"I was sure she would break. Every time she would spread her legs and puddle on her exposed pussy lips. This is the match up we have all been waiting for! She doesn't like to sweat, so he puts her in a severe neck to ankles hogtie until she collapsed, gasping for air."

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Bound tight and under duress, one fidgets and wheedles, the other drifts off and dreams. One clings to the moment, analyzing every ache and pain, the other surrenders herself to the experience, come what may. One finds needs for adjustments here and tweaks there, the other digs her knees into splinters to enjoy the exquisite pain that acts as a gateway to the subsequent flood of endorphin euphoria.

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"She never gets a break. Claire grabbed Danielle by the hair and threw her on the ground, handcuffing her and bringing her to the basement where another student lives in a cage as a servant gimp. Finally we drilled her on defining her curriculum, why she is here."

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