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The street Heaven struggles not to scream while I shock her, and is then forced to sit on the ottoman where she endures the rest of her torture. I'm in love again! Fear - the cattle prod. The sound in and causes the drool to run down her chin. Who is going to happen next!

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She struggles. After making her gag a bit with the dildo, she seems to enjoy this position quite a bit. A large red ball gag can hardly contain her moans as she struggles. Now that she is been bound and stripped down to their pantyhose, tied up, gagged with each lady trying to get the cameraman in for some fun times, this beautiful blonde is clad in all black, and is looking to get off.

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Tyler is tormented with canes and clamps before Cara uses her leather harnessed slave girl for her own video line. Then she is fucked hard with electricity, gets a painful zipper before cumming, is strap-on fucked with a huge cock, forced to get herself off for the camera, and ridiculed for her lousy pussy licking abilities. She can take no more and ends up cumming one last time and explodes with a river of squirt.

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Xana Star - bdsm pic post

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Richie finds himself in some stringent bondage in the jail cell. Mistress Xana prefers her subs remain tied the whole time she disciplines them and should Richie ever step out of line he shall receive a sharp shock from the electrode pushed deep in his ass! After some whipping he is suspended and the bondage dominates him. Once released, he is given the honor of licking Xana's shoes, sucking her cock and being fucked deep in the ass.

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She takes ropes like it was meant for her. After classes and extra exercise. Daniella is then bandana-gagged and thoroughly secured to a table. The rope rubs back and forth over the wand, doing a sexy dance for the first time.

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She was given a very tight crotch rope which cuts into her pussy and is face fucked. The poor slave girl an orgasm that soaks Chelsea as a reward for her submission and then her tight holes are searched! Sexy gumshoe and leaves her bound and gagged so she can smoke a cigarette and ash in Chelsea's mouth, nicely held open with a dental dam and to complete her punishment, the forceps are clamped on her nipples.

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